An example~SAT(119)

<冬> Hat&Cap: - Coat: archives(081) Jacket: - Waistcoat: archives(086) Sweaters: archives(167) Shirts: HEAT TECH Trousers: archives(036) Shoes: archives(090) Accessories: sunglasses/80's CAZAL &: luggage/yab-yum Enjoy! ~ 0731/'16/DEC/31

An example~FRI(118)

<秋> Hat&Cap: LAD MUSICIAN Coat: archives(026) Jacket: - Waistcoat: - Sweaters: - Shirts: HEAT TECH Trousers: archives(237) Shoes: domestic(040) Accessories: sunglasses/80's CARRERA(frames:gold x navy lizard) &: Enjoy! ~ 0730/'16/DEC/30

An example~THU(117)

<春> Hat&Cap: - Coat: archives(044) Jacket: archives(147) Waistcoat: domestic(026) Sweaters: - Shirts: archives(208) Trousers: archives(186) Shoes: archives(124) Accessories: sunglasses/SUN-SEA &: back pack/Poland military Enjoy! ~ 0729/'1…

An example~WED(116)

<夏> Hat&Cap: A Coat: - Jacket: - Waistcoat: - Sweaters: - Shirts: 浴衣/KAPITAL Trousers: - Shoes: 雪駄/Japanese flip-flops Accessories: &: 巾着 Enjoy! ~ 0728/'16/DEC/28

An example~TUE(115)

<春> Hat&Cap: - Coat: archives(043) Jacket: archives(049) Waistcoat: unknown Sweaters: - Shirts: domestic(058) Trousers: domestic(047) Shoes: archives(124) Accessories: sunglasses/SUN-SEA, pocket handkerchief/ARTS&SCIENCE &: briefcase/70's…

An example~MON(114)

<秋> Hat&Cap: Nick Fouguet Coat: domestic(007) Jacket: 20's~30's France Waistcoat: - Sweaters: - Shirts: domestic(030) Trousers: archives(178) Shoes: archives(156) Accessories: &: Enjoy! ~ 0726/'16/DEC/26

An example~SUN(113)

<冬> Hat&Cap: - Coat: archives(079) Jacket: - Waistcoat: - Sweaters: UNIQLO Shirts: RALPH LAUREN Trousers: archives(068) Shoes: archives(105) Accessories: sunglasses/SUN-SEA &: Enjoy! ~ 0725/'16/DEC/25

An example~SAT(112)

<冬> Hat&Cap: .......RESEARCH Coat: archives(028) Jacket: archives(115) Waistcoat: archives(115) Sweaters: - Shirts: M.1.6. Trousers: archives(115) Shoes: archives(160) Accessories: sunglasses/SUN-SEA, pocket handkerchief/ALEXANDER McQUEEN…

An example~FRI(111)

<秋> Hat&Cap: - Coat: - Jacket: archives(114) Waistcoat: archives(051) Sweaters: - Shirts: M.1.6. Trousers: archives(114) Shoes: archives(158) Accessories: sunglasses/SUN-SEA &: Enjoy! ~ 0723/'16/DEC/23

An example~THU(110)

<春> Hat&Cap: Borsalino x ACNE Coat: - Jacket: archives(055) Waistcoat: archives(055) Sweaters: - Shirts: UNIQLO Trousers: domestic(050) Shoes: archives(159) Accessories: &: Enjoy! ~ 0722/'16/DEC/22

An example~WED(109)

<夏> Hat&Cap: 10's~30's Coat: - Jacket: domestic(051) Waistcoat: - Sweaters: - Shirts: 10's~30's J.C.Penney Trousers: domestic(032) Shoes: 雪駄/Japanese flip-flops Accessories: &: Enjoy! ~ 0721/'16/DEC/21

An example~TUE(108)

<春> Hat&Cap: Engineered Garments Coat: - Jacket: archives(055) Waistcoat: archives(055) Sweaters: - Shirts: UNIQLO Trousers: domestic(015) Shoes: archives(204) Accessories: &: Enjoy! ~ 0720/'16/DEC/20

An example~MON(107)

<秋> Hat&Cap: - Coat: - Jacket: archives(114) Waistcoat: archives(099) Sweaters: - Shirts: bespoke Trousers: archives(114) Shoes: CAMPUS adidas x ZOZO Accessories: spectacles/gooD oL'&Co &: Enjoy! ~ 0719/'16/DEC/19

An example~SUN(106)

<冬> Hat&Cap: BAKARRA Coat: archives(152) Jacket: archives(115) Waistcoat: archives(115) Sweaters: - Shirts: UNIQLO Trousers: archives(115) Shoes: DERBY II adidas Accessories: tie/80's~90's CHANEL, pocket handkerchief/ALEXANDER McQUEEN &: …

An example~SAT(105)

<冬>Hat&Cap: .......RESEARCH Coat: - Jacket: archives(238) Waistcoat: archives(059) Sweaters: - Shirts: archives(208) Trousers: archives(034) Shoes: archives(090) Accessories: sunglasses/SUN-SEA, stole/unknown &: Enjoy!~ 0717/'16/DEC/17

An example~FRI(104)

<秋>Hat&Cap: - Coat: - Jacket: domestic(057) Waistcoat: KAPITAL Sweaters: - Shirts: archives(209) Trousers: domestic(015) Shoes: archives(173) Accessories: sunglasses/70's~80's CAZAL &: http://wear.jp/depp/coordinate/2817520/ Enjoy!~ 0716/…

An example~THU(103)

<春> Hat&Cap: Gauntlets Coat: - Jacket: domestic(011) Waistcoat: - Sweaters: archives(215) Shirts: HEAT TECH Trousers: domestic(017) Shoes: archives(205) Accessories: &: * Royal Navy Lifeboat Institution/R.N.L.I. Enjoy! ~ 0715/'16/DEC/15

An example~WED(102)

<夏> Hat&Cap: - Coat: 80's~90's Dior Jacket: - Waistcoat: - Sweaters: - Shirts: 10's~30's Trousers: archives(127) Shoes: flip-flops Accessories: sunglasses/CUTLER&GROSS &: Enjoy! ~ 0714/'16/DEC/14

An example~TUE(101)

<春> Hat&Cap: - Coat: - Jacket: domestic(005) Waistcoat: archives(087) Sweaters: archives(192) Shirts: HEAT TECH Trousers: domestic(046) Shoes: archives(173) Accessories: sunglasses/CUTLER&GROSS &: Enjoy! ~ 0713/'16/DEC/13

An example~MON(100)

<秋>Hat&Cap: .......RESEARCH Coat: - Jacket: archives(016) Waistcoat: archives(059) Sweaters: - Shirts: domestic(036) Trousers: archives(033) Shoes: archives(088) Accessories: sunglasses/80's CARRERA(frames:gold x navy lizard) &: http://we…

An example~SUN(99)

<冬>Hat&Cap: - Coat: archives(027) Jacket: archives(074) Waistcoat: domestic(025) Sweaters: - Shirts: bespoke Trousers: domestic(055) Shoes: MUNCHEN adidas Accessories: spectacles/30's~50's Frence &: http://wear.jp/depp/coordinate/2839162/…


The first,14.50(= 36.0cm) 19.50(= 49.0cm) 22.75(= 57.0cm) The second,14.75(= 37.0cm) 19.50(= 49.0cm) 22.25(= 55.5cm) 0710/'16/DEC/10






14.75(= 37.0cm) 23.50(= 59.0cm) 29.75(= 74.5cm) 0707/'16/DEC/07


Note.Maybe...circa 60's~70's 0706/'16/DEC/06




16.50(= 41.0cm) 19.75(= 49.5cm) 27.00(= 67.5cm) 0704/'16/DEC/04


Note.Probably...circa 50's~60's 0703/'16/DEC/03